Good life quality is closely related to a good health condition. WVI health program is integrated to help children & families have better health, by providing access to clean water, nutritional rehabilitation, good sanitation, health training, and many more.



Children are the next generation of our nation. Their growth and health condition are being as the determinant of their development in the future.

Wahana Visi Indonesia held some healthcare programs to reduce some health problems in Indonesia. Based on the result of the global nutrition report in 2015, Indonesia is still facing a huge impact because of the malnutrition. WHO also stated that 45% of under-five children mortalities in the world are related to malnutrition and occur in the neonatal period (newborn infants).

  • 36,4% of under-five children are short
  • 13,5% of under-five children are underweight
  • 32 mortalities from 1,000 live births.

WVI’s contribution to increasing a child’s health status, including:

1. Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF)
To encourage the Early Initiation of Breastfeeding, Exclusive Breastfeeding 0-6 months, Complementary Foods on Breastfeeding 6-24 months, Breastfeeding is continued until 2 years or more.

2. mHealth
A smartphone application in the purpose of growth monitoring & nutrition counseling distribution. 91% of parents and caregivers feel the improvement of Integrated Health Post quality by mHealth.

3. Positive Deviance/Hearth (PD/Hearth)
A Community-based nutrition rehabilitation which has proven its effectiveness in rehabilitating malnutrition child without the help of foodstuff in 4 areas of East Nusa Tenggara. Out of 90 children, 56 children (62%) have experienced a weight gaining after attending 10 nutritional, educational, and rehabilitation sessions (NERS)

4. Nutrition Advocacy
An accompaniment to the government in developing local regulation regarding Mother, Newborn Infants, and Child Health in Ternate and Kupang.

5. Sanitation & Clean Water
Education to change unhealthy behavior, a movement to do Open Defecation Free (ODF) and make Hygienic Water Closet (WC) and helping communities to get access to clean water.

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