Wahana Visi Indonesia


Wahana Visi Indonesia

Wahana Visi Indonesia is a Christian humanitarian social organization that works to bring a sustainable change to the welfare of children, families, and communities living in poverty. WVI dedicated itself to cooperate with the most vulnerable communities regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, and gender.

Since 1998, Wahana Visi Indonesia has carried out various community development programs focusing on children. Hundred thousands of children in Indonesia have been benefited from WVI’s accompaniment program. 




“Our vision for every child, life in all its fullness. Our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so”

Where We Work

In 2018-2019, Wahana Visi Indonesia serves 52 service areas in Indonesia, in 14 provinces in Indonesia



<p>Where We Work</p>


  • More than 20 years community development experiences
  • A trusted partner of World Vision International
  • Integrated multi-sectoral programs
  • MDGs Award Winner