Ambon Emergency Response

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A magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck Ambon, Maluku Province on Thursday (9/26) morning. 30 people were reported dead and hundreds injured in the earthquake

Ambon Emergency Response

Even though there was no tsunami potential, the 6.8 M earthquake cause panic among residents and damaged buildings. Panicked residents tried to save themselves exiting the building towards the highlands. The area affected by the earthquake consisted of Ambon City, Kab. Central Maluku and Kab. Seram Bagian Barat.

Base on the report we received, 30 people died and hundred of others were injured. It also caused more than 136.780 people must evacuated to safe area. (29/09)

Thousand of people who live in coastal area took anticipatory action by spending the night in hilly and mountanious area scattered in 10 refugee points by occupying tents, courtyard and several house of worship.

Since the first earthquake occured, at the very least 700 after shock happened where 80 of them can be felt by people (30/09).

Wahana Visi has send our emergency response team and continue to monitor for the latest conditions in Ambon and surrounding areas. Wahana Visi also make a coordination with Regional Disaster Management Agency / BNPB and other Organization to help affected area. As a child focused organization, Wahana Visi hand in hand with volunteering organization opened the Child Friendly Space to help children recovery and stay cheerful eventhough in the condition of disaster.

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