One More Child

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Around 4,083 Papuan children have not been sponsored. Wahana Visi Indonesia invited all of you to sponsor one or two more children for supporting better life of Papuan children and giving life in all its fullness for them.

One More Child

“The children’s interest in learning is now increasing after Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) distributes the books. This is very useful for the children who want to read more but do not have various books to choose,” said Antonius Dede, SpD, teacher of fourth graders in Anigou elementary school, Wamena, Papua.

Education is still the biggest problem for children in Wamena. In fact, there are still around 4,083 children in Papua who have not received sponsorship program yet so that they are not able to receive the benefits of WVI programs.

Jayawijaya Portrait: "5th Grader Still Cannot Read, 30% School Do Not Have Any Toilet"

The biggest problem of children in the Pegunungan Tengah, Jayawijaya region is that there are still many people in the community who do not have the rights. People still pay less attention to children’s education and health. The lack ability to read, write and do arithmetic for primary school students still become the most important issue in almost all schools. Even, the fifth graders are still difficult to read, write and count numbers are still very low.

In addition to educational issues, the problem of physical, verbal and psychic violence to the students are still high. Although the children said that they feel safe at home and school but the violence that they suffer from is still high. Also, there is still lack of percentage of children who have birth certificates due to the lack of socialization to parents and community.

It is surprising to know that the Indonesia’s highest rate of diarrheal disease is found in Jayawijaya district, Papua. The availability of water in school toilets is still around 38% while 30% of schools still do not have toilets at all. It happens due to lack of facilities, infrastructures, low maintenance of school facilities. Schools do not allocate the budget for sanitation and healthy living behavior program.

What They Need is Comfortable Place to Study

Jayawijaya Regency area with limited learning facilities requires classroom renovation so that children are eager to go to school. Each school needs sanitation facilities either in the form of toilet or clean water reservoir, so that the number of death from diarrhea disease can be overcome.

What WVI Do:

To improve the quality of education in Jayawijaya, WVI conducts the training for teachers to improve their basic teaching technique on Reading, Writing and Mathematics. WVI also facilitates the children to read books in local context.

In order to hear the voice of the children and ensure the child has a safe and comfortable environment, WVI carries out the Children's Forum or Child Learning Group.

For health, WVI also conduct the efforts to mobilize Health Post and treatment on skin diseases by coordinating with the government, community leaders to synergize with Child Friendly District / Child Friendly Village approach. WVI also conducts the socialization of the importance of education and health for mothers and children.


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