Support Indonesian Children become more creative

Creative Room


Lack of facilities in development of chidren's interests and talents as well as an environment that is not supportive makes the level of development of children in Pegunungan Tengah still low.

One of the effort that Wahana Visi Indonesia do to help children to develop their talent by making Child Friendly Spaces. Together with Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI), we are conducting advance jurnalism training for the children to supporting Radio Ramah Anak (RRA). In addition, the construction of 3 in 1 sport fields (volley ball, basket ball and badminton) will also be carried out. The procurement of other infrastructure facilities will be managed by Jayawijaya Children's Forum so that children can develop their interests and talents more optimally.

Jayawijaya Children's Forum it self scouted by Jayawijaya Regency Government and is expected to reach as many children as possible in Jayawijaya Regency. The development of the Child Friendly Forum and Radio Ramah Anak is carried out as an effort to meet the indicators of a Child-Friendly Regency / City (listed in the Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection Regulation No.12 Year 2011), i.e the availability of information facilities that is child-friendly.

1,700 children who are part of the Jayawijaya Children's Forum and child representatives from several villages will have a benefit from the journalistic training program for 4x meetings facilitated by RRI Wamena, procurement of infrastructure, and construction of a 3 in 1 sports field. This training is a continuation of the training that has taken place in 2018. RRA broadcasts broadcast once a week for 1 hour since September 2018 and were briefly stopped during the conflict period.

Let us help them to realize the development of Children's Creative Spaces in Jayawijaya so that they can be more confident and creative in developing their interests and talents.