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09 May 2019

The condition of Mimpin 25 Elementary School at Landak, West Kalimantan

Every child has a right to have a better education. Unfortunately, the quality of education not only rated from the amounts of teachers and quality of learning activity, but also by the condition of the school and its facilities. The lack of facilities is one of the problems of every school in Landak District of West Kalimantan. One of them happens in Mimpin 25 Elementary School.

The school established in 1982.  This school is located in Mimpin Sub-Village at Kayu Ara Village. The sub-village is far enough from the main street and bordering with Tutu Sub-Village.

Mimpin 25 Elementary School was accessed by the children of both sub-villages. Meanwhile, the conflict of communities in both sub-villages made the children moved away from Mimpin 25 Elementary School to the school in Angan Tembawang Village.

Angan Tembawang village is 2 kilometers far from Mimpin Sub-Village. The children of Mimpin and Tutu have to walk and pass the field to arrive at school every day because there is no connected road yet.

At present, Mimpin 25 Elementary School is using by 37 of students. There are three main classrooms for students (grade 1-6), 1 library, 1 medical room, and 1 teacher’s room. The students have to share their own classroom with other students. That is why the teacher initiated to make the teacher’s room as an additional classroom for students.

“This school almost collapsed. I have been giving a proposal for the Office of Education and Culture to do a renovation. Fortunately, they agreed to renovate this school,” said Kadiman as a principal of Mimpin 25 Elementary School.

This school is far from being monitored because, in addition to distance, the field of travel is difficult especially when it rains because the road is still in the form of red soil.

"I have repeatedly suggested that this school be addressed. However, there was no response from the government. We cannot hope for children, the important thing is that they can write and read because the facilities and number of teachers are inadequate," Kadiman added.

This condition was being a concern for Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) of Landak Area Program. By doing a Gift Catalogue campaign, WVI decided to help the children of Mimpin to have 3 new classrooms, 2 toilets, and classroom facility. The people of Mimpin Sub-Villages were very excited about this plan.

“We thankful that our sub-village was chosen to allow this help. We have waited for a long time so the school can be renovated but we have not succeeded,” claimed Kasdim as a head of Mimpin Sub-Village. 

The same thing was also expressed by the Head of the Development Section of Elementary School, Buyung.

"We feel very helped by this development plan. In this district, there are 437 primary schools, a very large number and many of them need to be addressed. However, the process of obtaining assistance from the government pathway is indeed quite complicated, so this assistance from WVI should be grateful, "Buyung said.

The construction of new classrooms and toilets has been agreed to be carried out with community participation through the establishment of a Community Development Committee at the initial meeting. On this occasion, Anggoro, WVI's Area Program Manager of Landak encouraged the community to actively supervise development.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, WVI does not live in the Mimpin, the Education and Culture Office also does not live here so the quality of the construction of this class is not determined by us, but by the ladies and gentlemen. "This building will also be recorded as a government asset and assets of this village," said Anggoro.

Children as direct beneficiaries of this development plan also expressed their delight. One of the students sitting on the 2nd grade revealed his happiness.

"Our class is mixed, likes to make noise, it's hard to hear. The seat is also ugly. I want my class to be good so we don't keep going outside. Then it doesn't mix so it doesn't work, "said the student.

With the plan to build a child-friendly school, WVI hopes to help realize the ideals of all children who attend SDN 25 Mimpin, because every child has the right to get a proper and adequate education.


Written by: Fenny Samosir, Technical Program Coordinator of Landak Area Program Wahana Visi Indonesia

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