Work Hard to Decrease the Number of Lack of Nutrition

10 Feb 2020

Nur when helping mother and baby in posyandu

Fatnur, usually called Nur is a nutrition specialist of Tawaeli Public Health Center (puskesmas). She works in the integrated health posts in Tawaeli Subdistrict and Palu Utara Subdistrict to monitor babies and toddlers who lack nutrition in several integrated health posts (posyandu).

Before stayed in Puskesmas Tawaeli, she was working in the Health District Office of Palu City as a nutrition supervisor. It was then that she learned that many toddlers were suffering from malnutrition in Tawaeli, as well as in other areas in North Palu.    

This fact became a trigger for Nur to keep on doing monitoring of babies and toddlers and also to give education to mothers in both areas. This aims to make parents know how to give the best nutrition for their children. 

In November 2019, Nur with her colleague from Puskesmas Tawaeli was invited to join the training of Data Analytic of mPosyandu for Health Workers, held by iREACH Project which is supported by the Australian Government and implemented by Wahana Visi Indonesia. Nur was equipped by WVI to use posyandu digital application and also analyzing data of babies and toddlers that were input by posyandu cadres.

According to Nur, the event has helped her to know the best way of monitoring babies and toddlers who lack nutrition. By joining the training, Nur can improve her capacity in helping people.

“This knowledge really helps me to run my duty. I also can know all the nutrition status that recorded in posyandu,” said Nur happy.

Based on her new knowledge, she is excited to keep serving babies and toddlers who lack nutrition. She said, by using the digital application of posyandu, she can easily detect the toddlers and babies' status, and also can prevent the lack of nutrition condition as quickly as she can.

Written by: Tian, Staf Proyek iREACH Wahana Visi Indonesia


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