Learning by Teaching

06 Feb 2020

Suma (woman in red blouse) with children in practicing washing hand with soap

Nelson Mandela said that education is the best weapon to change the world. Education is the first journey of all. Today, most people in Indonesia are becoming more attracted to the education issue.

Progressing of education is affected by two factors: the teachers and they who get the lesson. As teachers, people also need to learn a lot anytime without borders. Fortunately, there are currently many children of the nation who are interested in becoming teachers, both at the elementary and tertiary levels. This shows the existence of public awareness to advance this nation in the aspect of education.

It is unfortunate if many souls are willing to give themselves as teachers, but are limited due to lack of training and the addition of new knowledge that is in accordance with the current situation and conditions.

Now the West Kalimantan region already has more PAUD (Early Childhood Care and Development) than in previous years. Many students and tutors are involved in it. Seeing this, Wahana Visi Indonesia Melawi-Sintang Program Area is committed to strengthening human resources in the region by conducting training on 'Preparation of Daily Learning Implementation Plans (RPPH)' and making educational props (APE) in the hope of being able to recite PAUD tutors to provide more creative and educative education.

So many tutors of PAUD joined into the training and involved a lot in every section of training. They were happy in preparing the RPPH and also in practicing the micro-teaching.

Suma, a participant, said “I am a tutor of PAUD Pelempai Jaya in Pelempai Jaya Village. I am glad to be here and to get so much information about education. I also can get insight from others.”

In the training, the participants were also pushed to arrange the RPPH properly.

“I have been teaching in PAUD for a long time, but I still can manage the RPPH correctly. I thought RPPH was difficult to make so that I use the big theme in teaching children rather than using RPPH,” Suma explained.

As a follow up of the training, the staff of WVI is practicing the teaching method to the tutors. They teach the participant with RPPH. PAUD Pelempai Jaya is one of the selected places for this follow-up action activity.

“I have been learning since the training so I can make RPPH and implement it into the class, even though of just using the minimal educational props. I still can’t make good educational props because there is no friend who can help me,” said her. 

According to Suma, by practicing direct learning by using APE to students, they can better understand and enjoy learning.

"Becoming a PAUD Tutor made me learn through teaching. I thank WVI for giving me new knowledge even though there is still not all that I can apply," she concluded.

Written by: Hotmian Christine Naibaho, External Officer FF Area Program Melawi Sintang Wahana Visi Indonesia

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