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21 Nov 2019

Member of Kemang Manis Village Child's Forum

Kemang Manis Village Child's Forum (Forum Anak Daerah/FAD) is one of 16 FADs that were inaugurated in HAN 2019 by Regent of South Bengkulu). FAD members from Kemang Manis Village were 26 people (15 male, 11 female). This FAD was accompanied by Mrs. Wiwik who had received training from the AP to assist the children's forum.  

Since it was inaugurated on September 23, 2019, FAD began to actively compile a program of activities. One of the programs of activities that became the initiative of children is "Cheerful Friday". Cheerful Friday is a routine meeting initiated by the children to do several activities such as saving money IDR1,000 for every week.  

This money will later be used by children to make various fun and meaningful activities, such as singing competitions, dancing competitions, and helping sick friends. In addition, on Cheerful Friday also carried out sports activities (footballs, badminton) and making handicrafts from used items, such as making lanterns and pencil boxes.  

The children were very excited to join the FAD activities. Especially during the celebration of HAN 2019, FAD Kemang Manis children won 1st place in the poster making competition with the theme EVAC. This achievement motivates them to continue to hold regular meetings and further enhance children's confidence.  

In the past, children were asked to lead prayers before the activity began, always refused. But now the children have the courage to take the initiative to lead the prayer every time they do activities in FAD.  

"Since joining FAD, I am more confident to lead prayers in front of friends before starting activities, even though I used to be afraid to pray in public," said Farel one of the members of Kemang Manis FAD.  

Not only leading prayer, children's courage to answer questions and express opinions in public also began to grow. The activeness of children to participate in FAD activities is also due to the support of their parents. There are even parents who initially refused their children to take part in activities with WVI (because of the Christianisation issue), now they are starting to be open and allowing their children to participate in any activities that WVI does in the village. The children really hope that FAD can be a means for them to express their interests and talents and get full support from the village government.

Therefore, at a village community meeting (Musrenbang 2020), AP will equip children to have the ability to convey ideas about children's issues in the village and encourage the government to be able to realize them. The long-term goal of the FAD that has been formed is to support the realization of a Child-Friendly Village which will then support the Child-Friendly District in South Bengkulu.


Written by: Staff of Area Program of South Bengkulu Wahana Visi Indonesia

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