Unusual Meeting in Tobanapme

02 Dec 2015

School representatives present the results of their discussions related to the role of teachers in YPPGI Tobanapme primary school.

For teachers and parents of YPPGI Tobanapme primary school, it is not easy to sit together and hold discussion to solve school problems. In the middle of 2015, for the first time, headmaster of YPPGI Tobanapme primary school works with Wahana Visi Indonesia at Eruwok operational office ask parents and pastor, as the community representation. In this meeting, school and parents with the community representative maps the school problems and looks the right solution to solve it. The school needs parents and pastors to contribute more in child education.

In this occasion, Pastor Yakob Kogoya tells the participant about the importance of education.

“Education is not just school’s responsibility but also the entire community and parents. To let children become fool means that we have ignored their rights,” he said.

Based on the sermons, parents, teachers and pastors are able to map dozens of problems faced by school. From this meeting, parents, teachers and pastor find the solution to overcome the problems to improve the quality of school and child education. Teachers who have become Civil Servants are expected to teach better. School is expected to manage all school assets well. It is also expected that the school, teacher and people could pay more attention to learning activities in school.

To support child’s education, parents commit to contribute in helping their children with many activities such as building school fence, making football and volley ball field, and others.

To meet the expectation, schools, teachers and parents agree to make school committee.

“So far, school committee doesn’t have consistent program to run. There was only one person in the committee who was also responsible for the school operational assistance,” said Gerson Wenda, 40, the Headmaster of YPPGI Tobanapme primary school. As a follow up, the old members of school committee from Makki district consisting of teachers, parents and community representative would be trained by WVI.

“I’m so happy that the school has a spirit to move forward. Hopefully, the new cooperation among parents and school committee could make this school be a better school for students to study,” said Gerson Wanimbo after meeting with parents.


Written by Eko Cipako Sinamo, Community Development Coordinator, Wahana Visi Indonesia – Eruwok operational office

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