Story of Yustina of Being an Unusual Cadre

04 Jun 2019

People are doing handwashing with soap activity with cadres

Yustina Dimur, a woman who lives at Ponto Ara Village in Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara Province has been giving herself as a cadre for seven years. She still loves her duty as a cadre, even though she is no longer young.

She doesn’t give up on her life. She only wants to make the children in her village have good nutrition, grow without stunting supported by the great environment.

In fact, there are still a lot of families in the village who don’t have a toilet in their house. People (adults and children) are still doing open defecation. Most children are having digestive problems and respiratory problems because of the bad habit. They are not using soaps when washing the hand. It also happens in Yustina’s village.

According to the fact of Community Based Total Sanitation (STBM) researched by WVI with local government in August 2018, there are 23 families who do not have toilets in their house. This fact could make Yustina discouraged.

“As a cadre, my friends and I feel insecure about these facts.  We are in the spotlight of people in the village. The burden grew when WVI targeted us to make the villages as open defecation free. However, it did not become a burden for residents of Lale Lombong Hamlet. That precisely motivates us so that all citizens who do not have latrines are triggered to immediately make latrines," she says.

She adds, “When we are invited by WVI to join into the dissemination in February 2019, I immediately agree to take part in it. I thought this was an opportunity to learn a lot about STBM," she explains.

According to her, there are five important pillars in STBM program, such as;

  1. Open Defecation Free
  2. Handwashing with soap
  3. Drinking water and food treatment
  4. Safeguarding Household Waste
  5. Safeguarding Household Wastewater

“I thank God for including me on the training and having a chance to share about handwashing practice for children. This is my first experience as a facilitator of STBM. We will do this good thing. Bless to have WVI as an organization who really care about us and our children,” she adds.

For Yustina, receiving training and being involved as a facilitator is still the beginning of the struggle. Although this was new to her, Yustina did not regard this as a workload.

"We are determined together with the village government and partners to work together towards BABS free areas so that there are no more families without latrines, children without defecation and CTPS behavior become a habit," he concluded.

Written by: staff of Area Program of Manggarai Wahana Visi Indonesia

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