To Actualize Surabaya’s Children Having a Good Nutrition

03 Jun 2019

Ms. Intan while teaching cadres of posyandu for Baby Cafe Project in Surabaya

Collaborates with Yayasan Sentuhan Kasih Bangsa (YSKB), Wahana Visi Indonesia Area Program of Surabaya create The Baby Café Project placed at Bulak Banteng Village in Surabaya. Baby Café Project becomes one of the projects to increase the nutrition of 6-24 months old children by selling complementary feeding at affordable prices.

WVI also cooperates with Bulak Benteng Public Health Center (puskesmas) to make this project happens. Intan Permatasari, Amd. Gz as a nutrition specialist, usually called as Ms. Intan, of Puskesmas Bulak Benteng also contributes to run this project.

The first activity of The Baby Café Project was held in March 2019 and Ms. Intan came as a speaker. She contributed a lot to the event.

Ms. Intan taught how to cook healthy food to cadres of Integrated Health Post (posyandu). The staff of WVI had offered help to her to buy the ingredients but she refused it. She worked by herself only to bring joyfulness to the participants.

On the next day, Ms. Intan not only came as a teacher, but she also had prepared all the ingredients, so the participants could be easier to practice.  

WVI Area Program of Surabaya has assisted Bulak Banteng Village for more than a year. And Intan has contributed to helping WVI since WVI came into the area.

Ms. Intan claims that she is happy to be involved in every activity with WVI. Baby Café Project also one of her dreaming projects, she says.

“I used to dream to sell complimentary feeding. The reason is when I see how people love to buy instant porridge and also they hard to make variants of foods for their children,” Ms. Intan says her motivation for joining the Baby Café Project.  

It is very pleasing and uplifting when the activities carried out by WVI can benefit the community, especially to be in line with the ideals of those involved in it.

Ms. Intan is an excellent example and extraordinary inspiration, not only for the people who are accompanied and served but also for WVI AP Surabaya who feels very grateful and honored to be able to work with him.


Written by: Arzelia Y, a staff of Wahana Visi Indonesia  Area Program of Surabaya

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