Distribution Activity of School Supplies Packages Helps People of North Lombok

25 Jun 2020

Beneficiaries of school kit

#BersamaMelawanCovid19 - Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) through the Lombok Earthquake Emergency Response (LEER) has been helping the people of Lombok since the earthquake happened in 2018 ago. The earthquake impacted the slow economic recovery of people. The earthquake was over, now the community must return to struggle to meet the needs of families in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This happened to people in North Lombok Regency. The residents lost their jobs, making it quite difficult to meet the needs of families, including the needs of children's schools. One of the impacts felt by the children was that they lost their clothes, shoes, and other school supplies.

Seeing this condition, WVI, with the support of Aktion Deutschland Hilft (ADH), provided school kits for elementary school students in Sokong Village and Jenggala Villages in North Lombok Regency.

There are 1,636 children from 11 elementary schools who have benefited from this program. Children are free to choose the school supplies they want according to their needs.

"I am very grateful for Wahana Visi Indonesia for its help. Especially for (giving assistance for) my child. It helps me reduce costs for school supplies," said M. Zainudin, a student's parents.

The children were very excited when they saw their order being delivered to the school. They looked so cheerful when receiving the school kits.

"I am very happy to get school package assistance from WVI because my parents don't need to buy it anymore and the items are very good," said Cantika (10), a child who gets a school kit.

In a pandemic situation, children do learning activities from home, but due to inadequate internet access, so the teachers make visits time to student homes to teach. The teachers were very grateful that the school packages provided by WVI could be put to good use by their students.

"The children are very excited to learn from home because there are new bags and shoes from WVI. They also use drinking bottles from WVI, so they can reduce the plastic waste available," said Wayan, a teacher at SDN 8 Sokong.


Written by: Zara Fitria, LEER Wahana Visi Indonesia Accountability Officer


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