Don't Be Afraid to Give

24 Jun 2020

Jeani Tabita, a child sponsor of Wahana Visi Indonesia since 2019

Jeani Tabita (31 yo) joined as a child sponsor of Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) in 2019, when she was in the I-Worship concert which is a collaboration of WVI with JPCC Worship. Tabita is the first child of three. She works as an Associate Lawyer in one of the law firms in Jakarta. She has a hobby of traveling, especially the exploration of various regions in Indonesia where natural attractions are very beautiful.

Helping others is a good habit that has been embedded for a long time in Tabita's family. The simplest way and has an extraordinary effect to train the soul is to look at her mother as a direct example.

Her mother and colleagues set up a foundation to help educate underprivileged children. In addition, helping relatives who are struggling to adopt children is also a normal thing for Tabita's extended family. For Tabita, the value of giving is one of the important values ​​that she holds firm in life.

"As Christians, we must also live our faith by being a blessing. Anyway, don't be afraid to give!" she said.

Tabita is interested in serving with WVI because, in addition to having the same values, WVI also has quite a long experience in the field, so it can be trusted. Tabita also has a service partner who works at WVI, and according to her, the friend is an excellent representative of WVI that makes Tabita more confident to be involved as a child sponsor.

What is quite unique, Tabita does not choose its sponsor children. She handed over the selection of her sponsor's children to WVI. However, when the child's profile and introduction letter were sent, it turned out that the child shared a name with her sister, Debora. This made Tabita feel touched. Currently, Tabita supports two sponsored children, namely Debora from Landak (West Kalimantan) and Karim who comes from Biak (Papua).

Tabita hopes that she can contribute more than just giving monthly donations to her sponsor's children. She really wants to be able to give her time, energy, and talent by becoming volunteers, both in the legal field in accordance with her profession and in activities with children and the community in the field.

"So, every profession given by God is a gift where we can serve God through that profession. As long as we live it wholeheartedly, patiently, willingly to sacrifice, and not selfish, so that the spirit of God works in us personally. Develop gifts from God through that profession, so God's inclusion is always present," she advised.


Written by: Andra Sagitania Taliatara, New Sponsor Engagement Executive Wahana Visi Indonesia


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