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05 Nov 2019

The students with WVI' staff in the graduation event of AKPINDO

October 31, 2019, was a special day for 14 college students of AKPINDO (Akademi Pariwisata Indonesia). Those people were finally graduated from their study in Diploma 1, supported by Area Program of Jakarta of Wahana Visi Indonesia.  

They had joined the college program since October 2018. They were able to choose their own majors such as Chief Assistant and Hotel Operation.

In the first six months, the students were joining the class, then continue to do an internship in several hotels of AKPINDO’s partners for six months.

The expression of happiness comes from the students and their parents who also attended the graduation ceremony. Raisa, one of the graduates looks happy because of her GPA. Raisa's GPA is 3.64, while her competitors who are the best graduates are 3.66. 

"My GPA with the students who were the best graduates of the Diploma 1 program this year is only zero point zero two. Very close!" She said.

Niken was also the one who graduated that day. Currently, Niken has worked in one of the children's play centers. Her duty still relates to the majors she had.

"My work is still double. Sometimes I make pizza. I deliver it to customers and serve customers," said Niken who majored in Assistant Chef.

Mariyatun, Niken's mother was happy with her graduation. At first, she had doubts that Niken could complete her education, considering that Niken had experienced pain while attending an internship program.

"I am very happy and grateful that Niken can graduate," Mariyatun said.

Just like Mariyatun, Sutrisno, the father of Putri felt the euphoria of the graduation of her daughter.

"I am very happy that my daughter finally graduated from college. Her struggle is quite heavy. She often comes home late at night. Sometimes when there is an internship at a hotel, she can leave at 6 a.m, come home at 11 p.m. I said, please don't complain, this is part of learning. You have to graduate from college and show your sisters you can graduate," explained Sutrisno.

Sutrisno who is also an online ojek driver feels the benefits of the program provided by WVI. Especially when he had trouble getting the fees to support the school fees of Putri.

"I had to face the campus to ask for relief, but it was not given either. Alhamdulillah, finally through WVI we were able to lend (money) from the Jatinegara businessman forum," Sutrisno recalled.

Although only undergoing a lecture program for a year, the fourteen students felt the benefits for their lives.

"The benefits received here are quite a lot because they can get even greater knowledge in the culinary field, in the field of assistant chefs, and cooking, if we want to deepen the field, the benefits must be enormous," explained Febby who now works in a Japanese restaurant.

This lecture assistance program has been carried out for a long time by the WVI Area Program Jakarta. In addition to AKPINDO, WVI has agreed to collaborate with lecture assistance with the LP3I and Atmajaya campuses since 2016.

Through this program, WVI's assisted children are given the opportunity to get an education without having to pay tuition fees until graduation. They only need to pay graduation fees, books, and transportation.


Written by: Hermawati Triwibowo, Livelihood Technical Project Coordinator of Area Program of Jakarta of Wahana Visi Indonesia

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