When Handwashing Becomes a Habit

18 Jun 2020

Ka Cen when handwashing his hands with soap in the facility that made by WVI

#BersamaMelawanCovid19 – One day, a boy came to Septi’s house. He was walking slowly and watch his steps carefully. He initiated to approach the bucket and soaps which were placed outside the house. He washed his hand firstly before going inside the house. That day was the day when he had to learn with his friends and his teacher Septi.  

He is Arensius, or usually called as Ka Cen by his friends. It has been a month for Ka Cen held the study groups initiated by Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) Sambas Program Area. Ka Cen loves the group and his new activity. Mrs. Septi said Ka Cen learns together with 15 other children in her house.

“I love Math. I also can learn about the solar systems and how to make the bar charts,” Ka Cen told the story.

WVI has been organizing 15 study groups with 193 children as participants. Besides contributes to giving learning materials, WVI also provides the self-protect facility, so that children can have proper learning activity. Handwashing with soap facility is one of them.

This assistance was also felt by Ka Cen. He is now very happy to wash his hands.

“I usually wash my hand after going inside or outside the house, or after go to the toilet, or after playing and before and after eating food. That aims to prevent me from Coronavirus,” said the 3rd grader. 

Now Ka Cen is more enthusiastic about learning, not only because he can learn again with his friends, but also because he already understands the importance of washing hands with soap.

"I am glad there is a place to wash hands and soap in our study group. Thank you WVI for preparing a place to wash hands for our study group," he concluded.


Written by: Ignatius Anggoro, Manager of Sambas Program Area Wahana Visi Indonesia  

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