When Football Unites Children in 6 Sub-Districts

21 Jan 2020

Children when practice footbal in SBB Tunas Hiri

There are no routine activities that can unite children in six subdistricts on Hiri Island, while many children have interests and talents but do not have a place to channel their talents. One of them is soccer.

Football is an activity that is loved by most children on Hiri. Even though they don't have a soccer field, children often continue to play this sport. They don't even hesitate to play on the streets. 

Ivana (11 yo) is one of the children, who is also a member of Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) children learning group, who is very fond of soccer. 

Ivana has loved the ball since she was young. She used to play with the boys. Hot weather and rain did not block her to continue playing. She often plays in an area far from where she lives. 

In December 2019, WVI together with village officers and Karang Taruna made an agreement to form the Tunas Hiri Soccer School (SBB). The Tunas Hiri SSB activity is supported by the Hani Kodja Trainer and responds to the needs of children on Hiri Island to be able to channel their talents. 

December 22, 2019, was the first time SBB Tunas Hiri started soccer class. At that time, 95 children were also present and participated in activities at SBB, includes Ivana.

"My friends and I have the same spirit. I am very happy because girls are also allowed to play soccer with boys. Thank you WVI, because I and my female friends have the same opportunity and now my area has had activities that unite six villages," Ivana said happily.

Thanks to the SSB Tunas Hiri which is supported by WVI, children now can have regular time to channel their talents through SSB and children do not need to leave the island to get soccer training from a well-known coach. Prospective trainers in each village are very motivating for children and they are eager to help children on Hiri Island.


Written by: Zonal Sulawesi Staff of Maluku, Wahana Visi Indonesia

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