Train Children to Make Their Own Schedule

27 Feb 2019

Nismawati and Ika now have a good relationship after joining Parenting With Love created by Wahana Visi Indonesia Area Program of Surabaya

It is not easy for Nismawati (35 yo) to train her child, Ika (9 yo) to be disciplined and have a responsibility of herself. She often has done various ways and even scolded her own heart. Nismawati did not even hesitate to punish Ika and forbid her from going to play after school.

Every little thing she did become useless and getting no results. Ika was even lazier to tidy up her belongings at home.

"Previously, my children's daily activities were irregular. She can't get up early and never wants to tidy up his things. Books and toys were scattered on the floor. As a result, every evening after work, my husband is always angry when he sees a messy house. The house becomes uncomfortable," she explained.

Nismawati confused about how to change the bad habit of her child. Until she joined Parenting With Love training by Wahana Visi Indonesia Area Program of Surabaya. Nismawati and other participants got knowledge about giving positive parenting and how to communicate with children.

"I then invited my husband to discuss with Ika together. We explain the benefits of living disciplined for the future and inviting Ika to make a collective agreement, " Nismawati added.

They also make a simple daily schedule that arranges a list of activities that must be carried out on time. The simple daily schedule included the time to get up in the morning and make up the bed at 6am, tidy up and put school uniforms and equipment in place at 2pm, study and prepare the textbook at 3pm, the time to recite at 6pm, play and tidy up toys at 8 o'clock at night, and sleep at 10 o'clock at night.

The type of activity and time of implementation are arranged based on the child's proposal and agreed with the parents. The consequences if the schedule is not fulfilled are agreed upon between the child and the parents.

Nismawati revealed, with a daily schedule drawn up together with children, Ika is now more eager to obey.

"Even if it violates, Ika with awareness alone runs the consequences, namely not playing outside the home," she said.

In the first two months of implementation, parents also expressed their appreciation to Ika for successfully running the daily schedule, namely by adding hours of outdoor play during the day. Now Ika is growing into a disciplined child and is more responsible for her belongings.

The use of a simple schedule that is arranged together between children and parents is one effective way to instill discipline values and responsibilities.

"More importantly, dialogue between children and parents will make us closer to children," said Nismawati.

Although economically limited, children will grow up in warm families and lovingly nurtured. This will also bring happiness to children.

"I am very happy because my father and mother were never angry again because the house was a mess. My things are neat, "Ika said smiling.

Written by: Agni Rahadyanti, CESP Coordinator Area Program Surabaya

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