Finding the Best Technique to Make Exam Questions

31 Oct 2019

Mr.Tanto (3rd from right) with his friends

Hartanto, called Tanto (33 yo) is a principal of the school in Sambas Regency, West Kalimantan. He was grateful to be involved in the dissemination of arranging exam questions HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills) for elementary school students. This dissemination is one of the education development programs of the Sambas Area Program of Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) to increase the capability of teachers and principals in the Sambas area.  

Besides the technique of making exam questions, Tanto learned how to build the generation with a good character. He and his friends also got information about the importance of health reproduction for children. He claimed that the dissemination was really adding his knowledge in doing analytic.  

“I have never been joined the dissemination about making the exam questions, so that we come to understand the complex thought processes in breaking down material, making conclusions, analyzing, and building relationships by involving the most basic mental activities," said Tanto.  

After receiving the training material, Tanto promised to share it with his fellow teachers.  

"Previously, we as headmasters and teachers included not having received training material like this. Initially, I did not know how to evaluate the 2013 curriculum that was conveyed. Now I personally understand how the science of assessment to children is applied," explained the man who had been a teacher for 10 years.

He hopes that with the education development program conducted by WVI, teachers in several WVI assisted areas will also be able to produce quality and educating exam questions.


Written by: Simon Sinambela, TP Coordinator for Area Program of Sambas Wahana Visi Indonesia 

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