Blessing Other with Simple Things

02 Dec 2019

(left) The pictures of Prisca's children sponsored. (right) Prisca says that being a sponsor gives her energy and spirit

Child Sponsorship Program - The Choir Company (TCC) is a Netherland choir who supports Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI)’s program through offline fundraising event and Child Sponsorship Program. There is Prisca van Leeuwen, a member of TCC who also involves in the Child Sponsorship Program of WVI to support Indonesian children. Prisca knows that God gives her talent of service and high emphatic feeling in her life.

When she was a child, her family and she moved to a house located beside a church. Every Sunday morning, Prisca and her family helped the church guard to clean the church, etc. In her young life, Prisca involved in several church activities such as being a teacher for Sunday School activity or a leader for several church events.

Prisca said that some people were called to do big things but some people were asked to do small things, simple things but with big impact. Prisca said both calls are needed to create fruitful services.

Prisca has been joining as a sponsor since 8 years ago by supporting World Vision Netherland Child Sponsorship Program. She sponsored Ranumah, a child from India.

Long before she came to Indonesia, she though to participate in WVI Child Sponsorship Program. Then she realized her dream by sponsored Marianus, a child from East Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province in 2017. 

She printed and framed both photos of her child sponsored on her desk. The children now become energy and happiness for her. She really loves receiving letters and photos from Ranumah and Marianus. Has an opportunity to visit them is still on her wishlist.

Prisca feels that WVI is having the same vision with her. She is sure that WVI could help more people and work more for children, families, and communities in Indonesia. Prisca is also happy to know that WVI is supporting people from different backgrounds and religions.

The second child of three siblings hopes that WVI’s staff could be work with a pure heart to reach the unreachable areas and support more children to get a better education, better house, and good health so that the children can grow and dream as they want to be.

At the end of the word, Prisca advised that the community and people could open their hearts to every program and sponsor available.

"There is a good feeling when we help others," she concluded.

Written by: Earlene, Sponsor Engagement Executive Wahana Visi Indonesia

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