A New Hope Comes From PMBA Training

17 Jul 2018

Rosa feels so happy to be a counselor of PMBA in one of integrated health post in Sekadau, West Kalimantan

Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) Sekadau Area Program has been doing PMBA (Pemberian Makan pada Bayi dan Anak/ Infant and Young Child Feeding) project model in five villages of WVI assisted area on February-April, 2018. Merapi Village at Sekadau Hilir Sub-district, West Kalimantan is one of the villages which get the training of PMBA.

Rosa (28yo) is a cadre of Merapi Posyandu (Integrated Health Post) who got the training. Rosa felt enthusiastic and was very happy to join the training. She also happy in doing RTL (action of planning).

“I am very happy to join this PMBA training. Now I know how to give the food to children properly. We have no idea about the way to do that. Now, we are so happy to know it and happy to share the information with the villagers,” said Rosa.

Rosa claims that she feels happy to share the knowledge she got for other parents.

“I have been giving counseling to four parents of toddlers routinely. I also satisfied to the action we made such as we find toddler in a good condition with a good weight because he had given the solid food by his parent,” Rosa explained.

Doing the counseling is worth the effort, Rosa added. Not every parent understand to give the best food for their children. They did not give them the solid food which could increase stunting number of children.

“Not every person love what we do for them, however, it does not impact our work as counselors of PMBA. I mean, PMBA is still important, so the parents would know a lot of information about food nutrition for pregnant mom and toddlers,” said her.

Rosa hopes that the knowledge that she shares could impactful for parents.  

Written by Herna Sinulingga, Community Development Coordinator Area Program Sekadau Wahana Visi Indonesia  

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