More Comfortable to do Activities in Child Friendly Spaces

13 May 2019

Child-Friendly Space can be used for children activity in Central Sulawesi

#SatuHatiUntukSulteng - The earthquake and tsunami that hit Central Sulawesi were also felt by the Walandano community. Walandano is a village in the District of Balaesang, Donggala, Central Sulawesi, which is 112 kilometers away from Palu City. Despite its location far enough, Wahana Visi Indonesia continues to intervene through the Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Emergency Response program in Central Sulawesi.

To reach this service area, Wahana Visi Indonesia is assisted by cadres who have the heart to serve activities in the Child-Friendly Spaces (CFS). One of them is Marini Doge (42), a housewife with three children.

Marini Doge has been a cadre since the Child-Friendly Spaces activities began in her village. This spirit of becoming a cadre was also encouraged by fellow colleagues who were enthusiastic about doing activities together with children.

"Here there are five cadres, two cadres are quite active in Sunday school activities, the other two are active in teaching recitation Quran at the Mosque. I am only inexperienced, but because of the invitation from friends who previously had experiences with children, I became interested in joining," Marini telling her story.

The Child-Friendly Spaces is routinely held in the program intervention area through the implementation of activities with children, ranging from providing psychosocial support and activities to playing and learning together with children.

Marini along with four other cadres conducted their own CFS activities when the Wahana Visi Indonesia team was unable to attend, remembering a considerable distance to travel each week. With the theme of activities and learning materials, Marini and cadres can organize activities in their own Child-Friendly Spaces activity.

"We had a chance to attend cadre training activities to learn about child protection and how to make activities with children. At first, we thought that it’s fine to hit a child to make them more disciplined, now we realize that it is not allowed. Now we became aware of their rights as a child because all this time we did not know that children also had rights," said Marini proudly telling her experiences. 

The thing that made Marini excited to become a cadre was to see the enthusiasm of the children. Sometimes children have started to gather at 1 pm even though the new activity will begin at 3 pm. However, there are also obstacles faced by seeing the spirit of children that are too high, so that Marini and other cadres often have to be more able to calm the children to be able to take part in the activities. In addition, limited spaces make it difficult for them to act because they have to divide the children into groups according to their age groups. 

Wahana Visi Indonesia through support from the American People provides tents as a place of activity for children in the Child-Friendly Spaces. The tent measuring 6 by 14 meters is planned not only to be used for activities in CFS but maximized for Sunday school activities and also recitation Quran activities. 

"Later this CFS tent can be used for all children's activities both Sunday school and those who study recitation Quran so that there is a positive value from the diversity that emerges from our village," Marini said proudly.  

Marini feels proud to be a cadre. She feels more considered as a community member and now she has the ability to be able to share with the community in her village regarding child protection as well as children's rights.

Written by: Melya Findi Astuti, Communication Officer of CENTRE Wahana Visi Indonesia

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