Clean Water Sources Are Near

16 Jan 2020

A house with a water reservoir

Clean water is very difficult to obtain in Asmat Regency, especially in Damen Village. The only source of clean water that can be used in everyday life is rainwater. Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) through the Asmat Hope program, together with the government, church, private sector and the community then works together to provide solutions for the community, through the construction of communal Rainwater Storage (PAH) in areas that are accessible to the community.

Since the exceptional case of measles and malnutrition occurred in Asmat in 2018, Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) continues to serve the Asmat community to this day. WVI serves in two districts: Siret and Jetsy by providing Community-Based Total Sanitation (STBM) triggering. The development of PAH is one of the tangible forms of STBM triggering that has been carried out so far.

Since December 2018 there have been 12 households that have been successfully triggered and want to build toilets. WVI appreciated the community by giving 1 PAH for one house with the condition that the household must have a toilet. Each PAH development process is carried out by the community itself without getting any fees.

Until now, 24 PAHs have been built in 24 houses in the Damen Village area. The PAH is used by residents for their daily needs.

 "I was very happy this morning before I came to church, I took a shower in the bathroom, it was very fresh," said Thomas, one of the PAH owners.

Just like Thomas, Abraham, a child who also benefited from PAH said, "I am very happy that there is a water reservoir because I am no longer tired of lifting water. If you just poop, just turn the faucet, then the water comes out."

The construction of PAHs and the availability of clean water in the WVI service area in Asmat is also supported by donations of Plataran and several churches in Indonesia. Of the 24 PAHs that currently established, WVI still needs 276 other PAHs that can be used by the community.

You can also make a donation to the people in Asmat by clicking here.


Written by: Solfriamus Dasman, Asmat Hope Project Field Officer, Wahana Visi Indonesia


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