WVI Supports Sustainability Entrepreneurship Project for Students in Jakarta

26 Mar 2019

(photo by: Hermawati) Students of Remaja Pluit Vocational High School in the workshop of youth entrepreneur

In order to escalate the capacity of young people in doing business opportunity, Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) provides assistance to students by running the Young Project in 2015 and collaborated with several schools in Jakarta. One of them is Remaja Pluit Vocational High School which is located in Penjaringan Sub-District. 

This assisted program has several series of activities such as Seminar Motivasi Usaha, Pelatihan Kewirausahaan (Kelas Juragan) and Pemberian Stimulan Usaha. WVI also provided Training of Trainer activity to teachers so that they could have the same frame about business assisted program.

Even though the Young Project has ended in 2017, the young entrepreneur has been running their business. Wilda is one of them. She had joined into Kelas Juragan workshop in 2015-2016 and still consistent to continue her business.

“I sell some kind of cakes. I sell the cakes made by my mother and sister. Praise the Lord I can get profit for about IDR150.000 – IDR200.000 per day. I will save the profit into savings because I have my own ATM,” said Wilda.

For now, Wilda is helped by two employees. They are her junior in school. She pays them for IDR25.000-IRD30.000 per day, but both of them have to sell the cake in school.

“I have class in the morning so that my juniors help me to sell the cake in the morning. Then after school, I continue to sell the cakes,” Wilda explained.

Meanwhile, because there is a lot of request of doing assisted program in Remaja Pluit High School, WVI committed to giving another workshop last February 2019. This event was facilitated by Djakarta Youth Center.

Written by: Hermawati, Livelihood Technical Project Coordinator Wahana Visi Indonesia

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