WVI Improves Quality of Nutrition of Mother and Child Through ‘Kejar!’ Program

24 Jan 2020

The activity of Kejar!

The implementation of Baby and Young Child Feeding (PMBA) has been implementing by Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) with communities in Nagekeo Regency and Ngada Regency, East Nusa Tenggara since 2018. Some of the activities have been held such as dissemination of knowledge for health workers and cadres, and also practices of counseling for health workers and cadres in terms of villages to regency area. One of activity has been doing in Watukapu Public Health Center (Puskesmas Watukapu) trough Kejar! activity.  

Kejar! also means as an effort to improve the healthiness of mother and child. Kejar! activity is a way to learn and motivate mothers or everyone who interested in mother and child health issues. The module of Kejar! is on development to facilitate all the Kejar!'s activity that involved participants actively. 

Images or text cards using are part of the Kejar! Module. The implementation of this activity has also been piloted at the Puskesmas Watukapu. The first activity was held in December 2019, where PMBA counselors will facilitate the Kejar! directly.

One day on Dec 15, the cadres facilitated the participants to learn about food variations with the title "Various Food Variations, Various Benefits". Before the learning session begins, the cadres ask the participants to take the pre-test by answering three questions that need to be answered correctly (B) or wrong (S) or don't know (TT). After the learning session is finished, participants take the post-test by answering the same questions as used in the pre-test.

At the beginning of the learning session, the atmosphere became festive because the material was delivered through games related to the grouping of food items according to the harvest in their own gardens. The game invites participants to compete in placing "harvests" into "baskets" which are divided into 4 parts, namely: staple foods, vegetables, and fruits that contain vitamin A, vegetables and other fruits, nuts, and animal-sourced foods. Participants seemed to be more enthusiastic when the cadres conducted the "food grouping" assessment they had done.

Marni, one of cadre, gave an explanation of the importance of a varied diet known as a 4-Star menu. The explanation was presented with props that showed the 4 pillars supporting the roof. Each pole represents 1 type of food and the roof represents the health of the human body.

If one or more pillars does not exist, the roof becomes unstable, and may even collapse. The analogy explains that the human body needs a variety of foods that have a variety of benefits to be healthy.

After the material session is finished, in addition to conducting a post-test, participants are also asked to enter a card containing the name of the participant that has been prepared by the cadre into the appropriate box. The box consists of 4 choices to see whether after attending learning sessions, participants feel they don't know, or feel they already know about the benefits of varied foods, or are motivated to eat differently, or even have different meals every day before participating in the learning session.

The pre-test and post-test results showed that 63% of participants showed increased knowledge and as much as 50% of participants wanted to practice varied foods. From the results of the joint evaluation after the activity, both participants and cadres said that they liked the learning method used.

Chase Activity! appreciated directly by the Head of Watukapu Health Center, Martinus V. Ndona, S.Kep Ns, MSc. He admitted that he was impressed when he saw the cadres' actions, as told to him through the form of video documentation.

"Thank you WVI for initiating Pursue activities! this," he said.


Written by: C. Vita Aristyanita, BCC Specialist & Engelina Halim, TP 1 Koordinator Area Program NADA, Wahana Visi Indonesia


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