WVI Handovers Programs of Emergency Response to The Local Government of East Lombok District

10 May 2019

Hendi Julius (center) with the head of the villages in East Lombok District

#LombokBangkitKembali – After arrived in Lombok on July 2018 and run the program, Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) decided to close the projects and program of emergency response in East Lombok District. The projects were handover to the local government of East Lombok District at the end of April 2018.

Hendi Julius as Response Manager of Lombok Earthquake Emergency Response said the handover activity was the proof that WVI has been done the projects for people in East Lombok District.

“Now the results of the work of WVI and communities in East Lombok are becoming the responsibility of the people and the government in East Lombok. We hope they can take care of all the things,” said Hendi.  

Hendi added that the closing project aims to give an appreciation for all the parties who contribute at this emergency response. Besides that, as a form of accountability, each program achievement of WVI is reported and a handover of documents is made, stating that each building established in the disaster response program is wholly owned by the community and can be managed in the future for shared needs.

Based on that, some of the people who have coordinated with WVI also gave their opinion about what WVI has done in East Lombok District.

“Thank you for WVI. I remembered that on day one after the earthquake at 9 a.m, WVI came to our office and gives us aids such as clean water. We cannot respond to the things you all have been done for us. I’m sure that what you did to us is the precious work whose came from God,” said H. Lalu Kanahan as a head village of Sajang.  

Not only Kanahan, but also Rafiah as a teacher who always participates in WVI’s activity actively said her positive response.

“On July 29, Sembalun was hit by the big earthquake. We were so panic, also the children. One day, WVI came to offer help in doing trauma healing in our school. Alhamdulillah the teachers and student were really having fun with the activity,” Rafiah remembered.

People said that the program of WVI was running so fast and give the benefit for them. The program that WVI did was not only development but also training or socialization to build clean and healthy behaviors even though during and after the disaster.

“We are really want to thank you to WVI because you all were giving us a lot of knowledge. WVI asked us to live healthy and clean even though we were in the emergency situation and stayed in evacuation post,” said Nuraini, a cadre of Integrated Health Post of Sajang Village.

“We have lost almost half of our building. Teachers and children were traumatic with the walls. Then WVI came and gave us two classrooms to make the learning activity become more comfortable. We were thankful for what WVI has done for us. We hope WVI could be on God’s protection and become more useful for others,” said Undiadi.

All the interventions and benefit which felt by the people not only the work results of WVI but also the collaboration results with other parties such as communities, donors and the government.

“Goodbye WVI. We hope you can continue all the good programs to other places,” said Rafiah.


Written by: Accountability Team, Lombok Earthquake Emergency Response of Wahana Visi Indonesia


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