Child Protection Policy

Wahana Visi Indonesia commits to the welfare and protection of the privacy, security and dignity of children. You as a Child Sponsor’s of Wahana Visi Indonesia, also have a responsibility to protect the children who we serve together.

As a part of this commitment, we kindly ask you to follow the Child Protection Policy as follows:

  1. Communication and Correspondence between Sponsor and the Sponsored Child

    Communication and correspondence between sponsor and his/her sponsored child or their family are only allowed by the intermediaries of Wahana Visi Indonesia. Please not to make direct communication or contact with the child and their family, including through internet or social media (Facebook, Instagram, Skype, etc). An important reason why we do not allow direct contact is to avoid unwanted things, such as crime / violence. For example, the child who asks for money or the sponsor who offers to give a gift that would be harm the security and dignity of the child, etc. If there is a communication initiated by the child or his/her family without any acknowledgement of Wahana Visi Indonesia, please report to us, Donor Engagment Unit, phone (021) 3907818.

  2. Sponsor Visit

    If you want to visit your sponsored child, all things that relate to the visit must be informed to Wahana Visi Indonesia at least 30 days prior to the visit.

  3. Display Your Sponsored Child’s Picture

    Sponsoring a child is an exhilarating experience and we do encourage you to share this experience to your friends and families. You are allowed to display your sponsored child’s picture with their basic information such as his/her given name and province’s name where he/she lives. Child profile, picture and other information related to your sponsored child are belong to Wahana Visi Indonesia that given to you as your reference, please use the information wisely to avoid the possibility of crime against the children.

  4. Online Publication

    Displaying or uploading your sponsored child picture and personal information in the online media has a risk into privacy, dignity and security of the child. We are asking you not to display child’s personal information such as family name, birth date, location / village name (geo tagging), school’s name, health condition and other into social media, website or send through email to other people, for the sake of child safety.

  5. Uploading Picture

    Wahana Visi Indonesia takes seriously the problem of child abuse photos. Since photo shoots of children are taken with the permission of their parents, we must protect the integrity of the information that has been given to us. That is why, we are not allowed you to upload copy or duplicate picture or other information from Wahana Visi Indonesia’s website or social media without written permission.

    As a child focused organization, Wahana Visi Indonesia realizes that the growth of social media has given impacts on children.
    Therefore, we encourage you to develop meaningful relationships with your sponsored children in safe ways.
    Let us together protect the children and also their family from physical or emotional abuse.