Clean Water for Sambik Jengkel Perigi Sub-Village

31 May 2019

LEER team when doing sanitation promotion in Sambik Jengkel Perigi sub village

#LombokBangkitKembali – You can feel the real atmosphere of the village if you come into this place. The green field with the wind blows and the great sun shade will complete your experience in Sambik Jengkel Parigi Sub-Village.

The villagers are kind. They are open to the newcomers of the village, especially for Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) staff who always come to help people there. The kindness of the people there will not show you how struggling they are after the earthquake hit Lombok in July 2018.

Sambik Jengkel Parigi Sub-Village is located in North Lombok District. After the big earthquake destroyed North Lombok, people of Sambik Jengkel Parigi got the trouble. The water pipe for field irrigation in this village was destroyed by the earthquake. It caused cloudy water, so the villagers could not use the water for their daily needs.

Based on the situation, the villagers were depending on the pond water which located 10 km far away from Sambik Jengkel Parigi Sub-Village. They have to walk far away from home to get clean water.

For now, the raining season has ended, so the villagers could get water more clearly. However, they still cannot get the closest place to get water for their daily needs. They still rely on the pond water to be used for cooking, bathing or washing.

Seeing that condition initiates Siti Maemunah (32 yo) to help people to provide water supply. Unfortunately, she did not get support from the government and people. After the earthquake shook Lombok, her husband and she were trying to get the aid for people in her village.

When Siti knew that WVI wanted to do hygiene and sanitation promotion activity about how to do water filtering, she was very excited. She felt that something good would happen in her village.

“I am happy to find that there is someone who wants to help us get clean water. Several times I try to say about our needs but no one cares. Thank you Wahana Visi Indonesia for giving us new knowledge about how to filter dirty water become clean,” said this head of Sambik Jengkel Parigi Sub-Village. 

People of Sambik Jengkel Parigi feel grateful to learn about water filtering so that they can get clean water for daily needs. By using the affordable and easily available materials such as gravel, cloth, charcoal, aquarium filters/foam, and sand, now people of Sambik Jengkel Parigi can filter their dirty water by themselves.

Zuriatun (45 yo) as a villager of Sambik Jengkel Parigi also said that the hygiene and sanitation promotion really helped her family to have clean water in the house.

“We are no longer walking to get clean water. We only have to make water filtering media in our home, so we can process and get clean water. We also learn how to clean hands with soap,” said Zuriatun ended the conversation.


Written by: Zara Fitria, Accountability Officer of Lombok Earthquake Emergency Response Wahana Visi Indonesia

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