Gift for the Gifted Children

04 Dec 2015

Markus Mangutu, 50, is the village chief Pulupanjang makes Perdes about awarding prizes in the form of scholarships for children excel.

Markus Mangutu, 50, always keeps his promise. When he was elected to be Chief of Pulupanjang village in East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara province in Indonesia, he promised his people to give appreciation to the excellent children, those who got good scores at school. By doing this, he wants all children of Pulupanjang to feel challenged in getting good scores at class.

Since 2004, Markus started to care about children in his village after knowing Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) East Sumba operational office.

“I learn about child rights from WVI. Children are the future generation of East Sumba. That is why we need to educate them since today,” said Markus.

The father of 4 children became Chief of Pulupanjang village last January 2015. For almost a year he has led 278 household with 400 children. Among hundreds of children, some of them have good grades in school. To carry out the vision and mission for Pulupanjang children, Markus creates village regulation (Perdes) to provide gifts for excellent children at school in form of scholarship.

Every year, 32 children of primary to high school get the scholarship based on their achievement in class. The first champion will get scholarship worth 300,000 rupiahs, the second champion at class will receive scholarship worth 250.000 rupiahs and the third champion will receive scholarship worth 200,000 rupiahs. Children who get fourth champion will also get scholarship worth 150,000 rupiahs.

“With this appreciation, I hope that children of Pulupanjang village would be stimulated to do more in their class,” said the modest man, “I wish the parents could support children to study hard and go to school.”

However, his effort is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. The lack of parent’s attention toward the importance of education for children is a great challenge for him. Till today, the number of Pulupanjang children who continue their education in the university is still very rare. Someday, he wants the number of children who continue their education to the university would increase.

“Someday when WVI stop assisting Pulupanjang village, I’m ready to continue the vision and mission of WVI for Pulupanjang children to get better life,” said the man who is always active in various meetings with WVI.


(Rena T.)

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