This Is What People in Asmat Need

07 Jan 2020

Children while enjoying their food together

Asmat Hope - Asmat Regency is an area that is surrounded by rivers with most of its people work as gatherers. In addition to catching fish in the river, people will go to the forest to get sago, vegetables or hunt to fill the stomach.

Land that tends to be swamps and the uncertainty of the ebb and flow of river water makes farming difficult to do in this area. That is why the Asmat people still need attention and assistance from many parties.

Asmat people are accustomed to enjoying grilled sago and sago ball as the main food. If anyone gets vegetables or fish, then the food will certainly taste more delicious. Poor nutritional intake makes the problem of malnutrition the main thing that happens in Asmat.

Based on this condition, Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) through the Asmat Hope project took two approaches to improve nutrition knowledge and teach a clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBS) to the public.

To support this behavior, the Asmat community, especially those in the WVI assisted areas (Damen, Warse, Akamar, and Birak Districts) still need cooking utensils (pots, pans, pans, mortars, basins, etc.), utensils (plates, cups, spoons) and various toiletries (buckets, dipper, soap, brushes, toothpaste, towels). With this equipment, PHBS good practices that have been taught to mothers and children are expected to be applied in daily behavior.

Asmat people are also accustomed to living in a house that is often inhabited by 3-5 families. This makes children and parents have to live and sleep without dividers. The lack of beds and cook and eat utensils also makes it difficult for people to practice healthy living.

For those of you who want to help the Asmat community, can make a donation by clicking this link:


Written by: Hotmianida, Program Manager of Asmat Hope Wahana Visi Indonesia

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