New Age of Integrated Health Post’s Cadre

12 Feb 2019

(middle) Anis Soudia with her achievement as The Best Cadre of Surabaya City

There was not easy for Anis Soudia to get the achievement as The Best Cadre of Surabaya City. Persistence becomes an asset for her to be a part of creating a good quality of people in Surabaya.

“Before got this award, I have joined some of the competition in Tambakrejo sub-district. I used to not be a champion, but I motivated myself to learn more and more. One day there was a competition called Smart Cadres of Integrated Health Post (posyandu) who involving the assisted cadres of Wahana Visi Indonesia. Praise The Lord! I became a winner. After that, I got a recommendation to join this completion. I thankful to get the first position in this competition,” Anis told the stories of her effort.  

Anis served people in posyandu. She satisfied to share what she gets to the other people. She still has a spirit in telling about First Day of Life, giving exclusive breast milk and how to giving breast milk on the first day of birthing, until the day she gets an award.

“I am happy to know that my life is meant for others. Some of the beneficiaries usually tell me directly or sending me a message about what they get from me,” she continued the story.

At the first time, Anis claimed that she did not know how to work properly in posyandu. She did not know how to measure a baby’s body, how to fill the progress card or how to weight a baby’s weight. Meanwhile, after she met Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI), she started to change her habit.

“I have known WVI since two years ago. Since that, I knew a lot of things and new knowledge. WVI really helped us to be a better person,” she said.

By changing her habit, now Anis can be proud of herself. She has already seen the significant changes of people she taught. At least, the people now become more aware of the complementary feeding menu for children.

The award of Best Cadre of Surabaya City has held in 2018. This achievement was carried out as a form of appreciation for the work and hard work of posyandu’s cadres as activists and promoters of health in the community. There are 132 cadres from 154 sub-district throughout Surabaya who were involved in this event.

Written by: Dominiria Hulu, MONEV Area Program Simokerto-Surabaya Wahana Visi Indonesia


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