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22 Nov 2019

WVI's staff while talking with Rahima about the clean water distribution program in Bukit Menderita

#GempaAmbon - A few days ago, the team of Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) through Maluku Earthquake Emergency Response was doing a survey to know what people say about the end program of clean water distribution in several affected villages in Maluku. One of them was done in Bukit Menderita, Negeri Liang Village.  

WVI’s staff was visiting some of those who had received clean water distribution. Rahima Lessy is one of a beneficiary who observes what WVI has done in Bukit Menderita’s evacuation post. 

“We are no longer hard to find clean water because Wahana Visi Indonesia gave us the water. We are happy to receive it for our daily needs,” said Rahima.

Even so, Rahima looks disappointed to hear that clean water distribution would be ended.

“We are sad to know that WVI has ended the program. Fortunately, the orange car is still coming to drop the water here. If there is no help, we will be dead,” Rahima claimed.

She continued, “I heard that the village government said Wahana Visi Indonesia would take back the water tank and give it to the village, didn’t it? I told you that we still need this water tank, so please don’t take this water tank from here. We can buy the water and placed it into the water tank. We can be independent”.

After WVI’s staff explained the real condition, that WVI would not retract the Bukit Menderita water tank until the end of the emergency response period, then Rahima could calm down and looks happy. WVI’s team explained that the reservoir will be handed over to the village to be donated to public service institutions such as schools, health centers, and mosques.

For now, Rahima still stays in the evacuation post. She admitted that she had not yet dared to back home due to the high intensity of the earthquake.

"The aftershocks are still happening almost every three days. So, all of us don't dare to go home," she concluded.

Written by: Yohanes Brechmans Tanaboleng, WASH Coordinator Maluku Earthquake Emergency Response Wahana Visi Indonesia


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