We Are Not Doing Open Defecation Anymore

23 Dec 2019

Franklin is happy to use new toilet that placed near the evacuation post

#GempaAmbon - The earthquake that happened in Maluku in September 2019 brought a big impact on children. There are so many schools and public facilities destroyed, especially in Salahutu District, Central Maluku Regency. Until today, children and adults are still staying in the evacuation post which has a low risk of disaster. 

Franklin, a kid from Salahutu, is also impacted by the disaster. With his parents and grandparent, Franklin still has to stay in an evacuation post. Post-disaster, Franklin and his family are difficult to find clean water and good sanitation facility. They have to do open defecation at the river.

“My friends and I, we do open defecation at the river, because we have no toilet and clean water in the evacuation post. We have to run there if we want to defecate,” he explained the condition.

He said, at the beginning of the disaster, all people only think about escaping themselves and ignoring their healthiness. They defecate and pee in any place. That makes a bad impact on people surround the area.  

Seeking the condition, Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) is committed to helping people in Salahutu. With the support of APL (PT Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari - a member of Zuellig Pharma), WVI built the wash (water, sanitation, hygiene) facilities for people in Salahutu.

Franklin also got two toilets around his post area. It really makes him happy.

“Before we get the toilet, we were taking a bath behind the tent and it wide open. Actually, I feel shy to do that. But now, after the toilets were given to us, we can take a bath inside. Thank you for helping us here, Wahana Visi Indonesia,” Franklin said happily.

Together with APL, WVI also helps to recover the health of people by giving them free medicines through collaboration with Palang Merah Indonesia. WVI is also still doing health promotion for children and adults in Ambon.


Written by: Yohanes Brechmans Tanaboleng, WASH Coordinator & Operation Team Leader Maluku Earthquake Emergency Response Wahana Visi Indonesia




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