Losing My Child Encourage Me to be a Cadre

10 Apr 2018

Desi (31yo) never thought that she was chosen as a cadre of Community Based Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (MTBSM) even though she only graduated from elementary school. She was not confident with her new status as a cadre. But she remembered when she was losing a child just because of the delays in hospital handling. That is why she encourages herself to serve as an MTBSM cadre.  

MTBSM is one of Wahana Visi Indonesia’s program that focus on the health of the children. The program helps the children get a good facility and great medical treatments. Not only Desi, some of the people was chosen as cadres and would be trained by Health Ministry of Indonesia.

The cadres who are trained would get information about how to act when they find a sickness in children such as fever, diarrhea before took children into the hospital.

“I only want to see the children grow healthy. I don’t want to see the children has a bad luck like my daughter,” said Desi.

Becoming a cadre is not easy for Desi. She felt up and downs moment when she served the children. Many parents still doing slow response in giving information about their child’s health condition. Moreover, there was a parent that blame her because of his children’s death.

“I have not felt the trouble until today. Some of trainings activity and information has given by Health Ministry and Wahana Visi Indonesia, so I got a lot of knowledges. I will always serve people even in the night,” said her.


Written by Yuventa, Communications Marketing Wahana Visi Indonesia 

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