Harvest Time of Corn in Sigi

09 Jan 2020

(left to right) The representative of WVI, the government of Sigi, PT Syngenta and communities in the Harvest Time event in Sigi Regency

According to secondary data, annual corn production is about 4 tons per hectare. Based on that, the Moringa project of Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) collaborates with PT Syngenta (a company of agriculture material production) that is still introducing the best quality seeds and doing dissemination of knowledge about Good Agriculture Practices to the farmers and agriculture shop seller (ISP).

The Demonstration Plot (demplot) is a strategy that has been implemented by the Moringa project to help ISP to increase the business so that it can reach more farmers to use the good quality seeds. Demplot has been implementing in one of ISP’s land, Hengky Mokoginta located in Palopo District, Sigi Regency, Central Sulawesi. 

When the demplot started, Hengky was not surprised. That was because he planted the local seeds with low impact. However, because he was bound by a demonstration plot cooperation contract, inevitably he managed the land well. Before the demonstration plot was carried out, PT Syngenta first conducted GAP socialization by inviting 50 farmers in the village to carry out promotions. When corn is 20 days old, corn has good growth.

Hengky then started to get excited and tended the land according to the GAP. At the age of 90 days, corn has shown its fruit, and almost all of them show two cobs. Every farmer passing by on the land asked a lot about the demonstration plot. PT Syngenta also routinely monitors and evaluates the maintenance of this demonstration plot as very good.

The day of harvest arrived at 110 days. PT Syngenta proposed that a Harvest Raya celebration be held by inviting all communities in the District of Palolo, and the Sigi Regency government officials. WVI in collaboration with PT. Syngenta also held a Great Demonstration Harvest. 

The Great Harvest was attended by the local government of the Sigi Regency and 210 farmers from villages in the Palolo District and Nokilalaki Districts. In his remarks, Assistant 2 of Sigi Regency expressed his gratitude for the assistance that WVI has made to the community in Sigi.

For 110 days, the demonstration plot had an extraordinary impact. PT Syngenta also replicated the Moringa project's approach and prospected ISPs in other regions by making an independent demonstration plot without the assistance of the Moringa Project.

Now there are two agricultural shops that have conducted independent demonstration plots. In addition, as many as 257 farmers have purchased and planted quality seeds from PT Syngenta with the correct GAP in the District of Palolo within 3 months.

Written by: Erawinta, Demplot Facilitator of Moringa Project Wahana Visi Indonesia

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