Thousand Children Benefited from Papua Education Emergency Response

13 Feb 2020

Some of the benefited children who got school bags

Wamena Regency in Papua was afflicted by the sadness in September 2019. The riots that occurred in the city made many people have to feel the loss, including children. One of them is the teaching and learning process which is hampered.

Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI), which also has a service area of ​​the Pegunungan Tengah Program Area, cannot just keep silent. Through the Papua Education Emergency Response team, WVI is giving assistance to affected communities and children in Wamena and Sentani.

Some programs such as clean water distribution, psychosocial support, the establishment of child-friendly spaces, training in psychosocial support to teachers and parents, as well as handwashing with soap training are assistance provided by WVI to 3,578 affected communities. Not only that, through the support of many parties, WVI also distributed 1,263 new school bags to children. With school bags, children are expected to return to have the enthusiasm to go to school and carry out activities as usual at school.

Karolina, one of the benefited child is happy to have a new school bag.

“Thank you. This school bag makes me happy and I prefer to go to school because of the new bag,” she said.

The response program that has been carried out since October 2019 will continue until the end of March 2020. WVI also still opens opportunities for donors who want to provide new school bags to realize 5,000 bags for children affected by riots in Wamena.

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Written by: Putri ianne Barus, Communications Officer of Wahana Visi Indonesia


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