An Effort to Eradicate Nutritional Problems

18 Jun 2019

Participants of 'Practice of Making Nutritious Foods for Toddlers' event

Last April 2019, Wahana Visi Indonesia Area Program of Timor Tengah Selatan (WVI AP TTS) in collaboration with the Health Office of Timor Tengah Selatan District, held the practice of making nutritious food for groups of parents in four WVI service villages; Basmuti, Kuanfatu, Bone and Pene Utara. This activity was carried out as a sub-activity from the Tnao Paloli Lek Alekot Care Course (Towards Better Care).

This parenting course is action research (Action Research) that aims to see positive parenting patterns, like what is in the culture of the people there.

A Mama with the initials YT (57) from Bone Village expressed her opinion about the meaning of parenting. For him to care for children is the act of looking after, caring for children, feeding children, giving children clothes, and keeping children playing. The same opinion was also expressed by Mama WT (40) from Kuanfatu Village. In other words, parents consider that what is meant by looking after children is to pay attention to clothing, food and children's boards. The question then, has the attention reached something of quality?

While on the way to the village, nutritionists from the TTS District Health Office said that TTS was the district that contributed the highest to malnutrition for children. This story was obtained when the WVI team visited the community directly in the field. We found that many school children enjoy breakfast without side dishes. There are also those who don't eat breakfast before leaving for school.

Sometimes, children also only eat rice with vegetables, without side dishes. This was confirmed by a statement from the Head of the Public Health Office of the TTS Health Office stating that according to the results of the study, the TTS community still lacked protein. With this situation, it is not surprising that TTS district is the highest contributor to the number of malnutrition in the province of East Nusa Tenggara.

Seeing this issue, WVI ADP TTS invited the Health Office to hold a 'Practice of Making Nutritious Foods for Toddlers'. The practice of making nutritious foods uses local food ingredients around the community. In this activity, parents were invited to cook corn grits and corn compote.

VT (39), a Mama from Basmuti Village stated, "So far we have made empty porridge, only rice, not using a mixture of yams, vegetables or eggs like this. The important thing is that our children can eat. "

Similar things were expressed by the mothers in other villages. They claimed that they had only cooked empty porridge so far without any mixture. With a majority job as a farmer, the nutritional content of children is something that is less attention for the people here.

After participating in this cooking practice activity, VP gets its own pleasure. Now he and other friends get a way to cook porridge with high nutritional value.

"We are happy, because we know, how to cook nutritious porridge for our children. Apparently, we did not lack real food. The ingredients are around us. Only we are confused about how to process it. Luckily, there is this activity so we can get additional information about adequate nutrition for our children," said NS (40), one of the participants from Bone village.


Written by: Karmelita Galuh Widya Sesfaot, Freelancer of Wahana Visi Indonesia's TTS Area Program

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