Stay Clean and Healthy While Living at Evacuation Posts

22 Oct 2019

Handwashing with soaps activity arranged by Wahana Visi Indonesia at one of evacuation post in Ambon

#GempaAmbon - After the earthquake that occurred in the city of Ambon, Maluku in September 2019, children and adults still had to stay in evacuation tents. Seeing this condition, Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI), supported by the Ciputra Group Headquater Office through the Maluku Earthquake Emergency Response team conducted several activities that could be carried out with the affected communities.

Through the health promotion program, WVI invites children who are in evacuation posts to learn to pay attention to cleanliness and health even in the makeshift conditions at the evacuation posts.

Washing hands with soap (CTPS/Cuci Tangan Pakai Sabun) is one of the health promotion activities carried out by WVI together with children and affected communities in three villages in Maluku. With the introduction of the importance of sanitation in disaster conditions, children are expected to remain healthy and free from a variety of diseases that may be present in the aftermath of a disaster.

The children seemed very enthusiastic to participate in this activity. Halim, one of the children who participated in the CTPS activity, said he was happy to learn new things.

"I want to wash my hands, so my hands are clean and my stomach doesn't hurt anymore," said the four years boy.


In addition to CTPS, WVI also teaches children how to separate the waste. Children are taught to dispose of rubbish in its place according to the rubbish material that they encounter every day. Until now, there have been 382 children who have benefited from the CTPS program and waste sorting activities supported by the Headquarter Office of Ciputra Group. The installation of 12 water tanks and the implementation of clean water distribution in several villages are also part of the support of the property company for the affected communities in Ambon.


Written by: Putri ianne Barus, Communications Officer, Wahana Visi Indonesia

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