Zulfikar and Elvi Represent WVI at the Sanitation and Drinking Water National Conference

03 Dec 2019

Zulfikar presents his work as a chief of water committee in Wombo Kalongo village, Donggala regency.

Monday, December 2, 2019, the Sanitation and Drinking Water National Conference (KSAN) was held. This conference is a biennial conference held by the PPAS Working Group (Working Group on Housing, Settlements, Water Supply, and Sanitation) from the Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development (Ministry of PPN). According to, KSAN is the largest communication and advocacy event in the Water and Sanitation Sector, which is designed to increase the commitment of stakeholders to achieve the 100% target of drinking water and sanitation access. This year the theme raised was "Safe, Innovative and Sustainable Sanitation and Water Service for All", with a focus on funding for sanitation and drinking water development.

KSAN 2019 was opened by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, KH Ma'aruf Amin and attended by the Minister of PPN, Suharso Monoarfa and a number of regional leaders from various areas in Indonesia. Not only the government, community members, education sectors, and organizations also came and appeared to the event. Zulfikar, 34, and Elvi ,40 are two community leaders from two assisted areas of Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) who got the opportunity to present positive changes related to water, sanitation and hygiene in their area.

Zulfikar from Wombo Kalongo Village, Donggala Regency, explained his experience as the Chair of the Water Committee in his village. The water available in his village is a result of piping project supported by USAID for the emergency response. 

“I was affected by the Palu earthquake on September 28, 2018. We were evacuated because our house was badly damaged. When we lived at tent, we were assisted by WVI in form of daily clean water supplies. Through the piping system, we got a supply of clean water from a waterfall which was 2 km from the village that was accommodated in the reservoir. This reservoir has became the source of water for the community  members of Wombo Village since then. To manage it, we formed the water committee,” said Zulfikar when presenting the water committee in his area.

Meanwhile, Elvi, one of the members of the Garbage Bank Community in East Jakarta also presented how her group processes waste into goods with higher selling value.

“Our Garbage Bank Community was formed in RT 05 RW 04, South Cipinang Besar Village, Jatinegara District, East Jakarta. At the beginning, there were only 15 members. Now, there are 170 members and all of us are housewives,” said Elvi “The total recycled waste in our area reaches 586 m2 per two weeks. If it was cashed in, it could reach Rp1,625,000. Usually our members do not take money directly by selling it to garbage collectors but selling and then making it into savings which will be taken after a year.”

Besides Zulfikar and Elvi, there are several community members who present some good actions that they do related to water, sanitation, and hygiene. With this effort, all parties including the community, government, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations are increasingly involved in environmental hygiene problems including waste and drinking water management.


Written by Rena Tanjung, Communications Officer, Wahana Visi Indonesia

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