About CSO Empowerment Project

CSO Empowerment Project aims to empower CSOs (Society, Coalition, and Child Forum) to improve the monitoring and implementation of Child-friendly District Policy, with a focus on basic health and welfare clusters by implementing Citizen Voice and Action approach. This project was supported by European Union. 


Who is Empowered by This Action

3 CSO coalitions, who have been empowered by capacity-building activities to analyze government policy and budget to be able to recommend new policies and alternative budgets. After the project ends, these three CSO Coalitions will be independently working to the improvement of child-well being. All 3 CSO Coalitions are legally registered in the local government and Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

3 Child forums, 1 in each district, have been empowered with a set of skills, such as journalism, photo/videography, digital campaign, mini research for making recommendations, and other training, to be able to do advocacy in a way that is interesting to them.

174 active facilitators who were trained and equipped to implement Civil Voice and Action


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Februari 2023

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Februari 2023

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