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This program is a monthly donation program. Your donation will help your child to live life to the fullest.

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Many children wait several years to be sponsored. But, what happens, if we give them the freedom to choose? For the first time, the freedom to choose is in the hands of the children. Choices for the future that will make a difference in their lives and transform their communities.

For only IDR 200,000 per month, your donation can help a child, family, and the entire community finds hope for their future.

What process I need to follow to become sponsor?

Sign up and submit your photo.

Your name and photo are sent to a sponsorship community, where staff are setting up the kids' choosing party!

A child will choose you

Some kids have waited years to be chosen by a sponsor. Now, at the choosing party, it's their turn. Which child will choose you?

You will see your donation at work

Your donation is pooled with other sponsors' gifts to support community projects that help ALL kids thrive

Enjoy what you get as a Sponsor

In addition to the joy that can be obtained through the love, prayers and letters you send to Sponsored Children, you have been part of a program that focuses on empowering children and communities to create sustainable change.

See the story of how the child & sponsor met

Frequently Asked Questions

Chosen is a new invitation to child sponsorship where a child chooses his/her sponsor. You (the sponsor) can send your photo and submit it online.

Your photo and name are then sent to a community where Wahana Visi Indonesia works and a child from that community will make their choice. Once the choice is made, you will receive a photo of the child and a letter from the child explaining why you were chosen.

Finally, as with all our sponsorship relationships, your sponsored child and you can build a friendship through letters or e-letters.

Chosen is not a "different" child sponsorship product or model - it is a new invitation to sponsorship. The only thing changing is the way sponsor-and-child relationship begins.

In the traditional sponsorship invitation, sponsors are asked to choose a child to sponsor. In the new Chosen invitation, sponsors send their photo to a community where children choose them to be their sponsors. It is a new invitation that is powerful as it flips the choosing dynamic on its head and gives children more ownership in the choice of who their sponsor will be. However, Wahana Visi Indonesia's effective community-empowering sponsorship development model remains unchanged. 

Yes, children really choose their sponsors with their own hands. Our local staff accompany children throughout the process of making a choice, and help make it a valuable experience for children

Once the sponsor's photos are collected, they will be sent to the Wahana Visi Indonesia office in the area where the Chosen event is held. The business prepares and proceeds to allow children to choose a sponsor. Children who came to the Chosen event choose a sponsor's picture, take a picture to be passed on to the sponsor, and write a letter. The child's photos and letters are sent back to Wahana Visi Indonesia's National Office and passed through a review process before being delivered to the sponsor.

One critical component of child empowerment is giving children space to develop their own opinions and act on their thoughts and preferences. Through Chosen, children have the opportunity to select their own sponsor, instead of being informed of who has selected them.

This is only one of the many things that Wahana Visi Indonesia is doing to empower children as part of our child-focused, community-empowering approach. ​​​​​