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Number of Child to sponsor

This program is a monthly donation program. Your donation will help your child to live life to the fullest.

Invitation to join for Sponsor Child

Many children wait several years to be sponsored. But, what happens, if we give them the freedom to choose? For the first time, the freedom to choose is in the hands of the children. Choices for the future that will make a difference in their lives and transform their communities.

For only IDR 200,000 per month, your donation can help a child, family, and the entire community finds hope for their future.

What process I need to follow to become sponsor?

Register and give your close up photo!

Nama dan foto Anda akan dikirimkan ke area program WVI, dimana staf WVI akan menyelenggarakan momen pemilihan sponsor oleh wakil anak.

A child will choose you

Banyak anak yang telah menunggu sekian tahun untuk disponsori. Sekarang adalah giliran mereka. Anak manakah yang akan memilih Anda?

You will see how your donation work

Donasi anda akan dikumpulkan bersama dengan donasi dari sponsor lainnya untuk mendukung program pengembangan masyarakat yang pada akhirnya mensejahterakan anak-anak di didalamnya.

Enjoy what you get as a Sponsor

In addition to the joy that can be obtained through the love, prayers and letters you send to Sponsored Children, you have been part of a program that focuses on empowering children and communities to create sustainable change.

See the story how Child & Sponsor got meet