About FUNdraiser

Is a unique and impactful opportunity to raise funds for children and their community in need through Wahana Visi Indonesia. By simply signing up and sharing your campaign page with friends and family, you can make a lasting difference in communities, education, health, and children’s rights.

Choose Campaign

The first step is easy, you just have to choose a campaign that has been provided by Wahana Visi Indonesia for you to help raise funds.Just click the FUNdraiser button on below.


The Wahana Visi Indonesia team will validate the campaigner data and the proposed campaign.

Start a campaign

After completion of validation, your campaign journey can begin. This is when you can start sharing your page with friends and family.


Founded in 1988, Wahana Visi Indonesia is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to work and collaborate to empower the most vulnerable children, family and communities through community development, advocacy, and emergency response for sustainable transformation regardless of religion, race, ethnic, or gender.

Your campaign page is a great opportunity to engage your friends and family in doing one good thing together. Here are a few prompts you could use: Why did you choose Wahana Visi Indonesia to FUNdraiser? How are you connected to the program or organization? Why is this program or organization special to you?

All donations contributed to your campaign page will be sent directly to Wahana Visi Indonesia. You will not have to provide any of your bank details.

You can get involved as a fundraiser. But you can also support an ongoing campaign as one of the donors.


Bring goodness to everyone

Kevin Timothy

Lives more meaningful by still loving and helping others.

Our lives are not always perfect, there may be times when we cannot achieve our hopes. 

Ira Puspita

I love to see the children get their own right

I love to see the children get their own rights, such as a well education and stay in the safe place.

Irma Widyarti

I thought this is a good examples of service

I thought this is a good examples of service because we can still bless the children without having to separate them from their parents.

Langkah sederhana yang Anda lakukan dapat memberikan kehidupan untuk anak Indonesia.