Asmat HOPE

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Makes children of Asmat free from malnutrition, with donation IDR 300,000 per month

Asmat HOPE

Malnutrition and measles outbreak in Asmat Regency, Papua claimed 71 lives of children in the end 2017 and since 8 January 2018 has been determined as Kejadian Luar Biasa (Extraordinary Event) by Indonesian Health Ministry.

As a respons from this disaster, Wahana Visi decided to respons and participate by striving to improve nutrition for Asmat children. The first intervention was carried out from January until April 2018 and continued to be extended until January 2019 by cooperating with Agats Diocese.

In May 2019, Wahana Visi continuing it's service to Asmat's children especially in 4 location in Asmat Regency ; as follow Kampung Akamar (Distrik Jetsy), Kampung Birak (Distrik Jetsy), Kampung Warse (Distrik Jetsy), dan Kampung Damen (Distrik Sirets) with focus on reach pregnant women, nursing mothers, parents with toddlers, toddlers and elementary school children.

Let us togehter hand in hand to help children and it's community in Asmat to prevent this disaster and avoid from malnutrition.