Together Against COVID-19

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The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the corona virus infection or COVID-19 as a pandemic.

Together Against COVID-19

Indonesia Government it self has declare the pandemic of Corona Virus or COVID-19 as National Disaster. It has declare on Saturday (14/03) by the President through Head of National Disaster Management Institution start from Februari, 29 to May, 29, 2020. Now, Indonesia in the position of Non Natural Disaster Emergency Response COVID-19. (source :

Seeing this situation, Wahana Visi Indonesia also responded to help prevent the outbreak.

Since March 18, 2020 the total number of 117.765 people has received assistance in the form of masks, hand washing facilities with soap, dissemination of information about prevention of transmission of COVID-19 and others. Thank you, we can not achieving all of this without supporting from all sponsors and donors.

Large-Scale Social Restrictions Policy start impacted many things, especially in the economic sector which decrease dramatically. A lot of people lost their jobs and income so it is difficult to meet basic needs for their families. Starting May 2020, WVI decided to expand the response are to Kupang, Alor, Sumba and others with focus in economy in the form of basic cashless (e-voucher) in amount of IDR 200.000,- per families that can be exchange into basic food.

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