Do you still remember Asmat, Papua? For more than 3 years Wahana Visi Indonesia has been present and serving there. Various programs have been carried out as an effort to improve and fulfill life for every Asmat child. By the time, we found that most elementary school age children in Asmat, Papua still cannot read, write or count. Asmat still need your help!

Let's give your donation to help the education of children in Asmat and have a full life to the fullest.


Rp 163.934.284

from Rp 300.000.000




The low economic level and parents who are not aware of the importance of education are factors that support children who cannot read, write or count. Even if children can read, they do not understand what is read.

Do not expect the internet network, most of the condition of the village where the school is located, still do not have electricity. Asmat area it self is indeed difficult to reach. The reading books they have are also limited.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made this situation even worse. For almost a year during the pandemic, school activities have been cancelled. With schools running normally, children cannot read yet, especially when there are no school activities. Some teachers say that it is increasingly difficult for children to read, who used to be able to read words now they can't anymore. Whereas literacy is an important basic ability to have.

Through this program, Wahana Visi Indonesia invites you to join us in helping the children in Asmat to have reading books, educational games, teaching tools and a proper library to support them in realizing their dreams.

Hope for Asmat, Hope for Indonesia

Make a difference for the Asmat community by donating every month