Economic Development Program

By the support of various donors and sponsors, Wahana Visi Indonesia contributes to improve ability of parent/caregiver to provide children need by conducting livelihood empowerment and household resilience programs through several focused programs: 

1. Local Value Chain Development (LVCD) and Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P): The LVCD approach is a farmer's capacity improvement in terms of cultivation, climate change adaptation and competition in market by increasing productivity, quality and agricultural commodities selling points to increase farmer's income. The M4P approach brings the private sector and the government closer to farmers by the division of role: WVI organizes farmers; the government becomes a technical consultation service provider and agricultural inputs and the private sector becomes a provider of agricultural inputs and business, technical guidance, and market readiness.

2. Financial Literacy through Household Economic Management (PERT) and Accumulating Saving and Credit Association (ASCA): are efforts to increase family capacity in managing their finances by giving education on how to differentiate between wants and needs, family cash flow, building up saving behavior and access to social security in disaster risk mitigation.

3. Youth Development Program: The low income rate is also contributed by the minimum wage and unemployment of aged 15-24 years (40.3 percent of Indonesia residents) consisting of 17 million of urban youth and 13 million of rural youth. As most of young people did not have enough capacities to be ready for economic opportunity, this program aims to increase motivation, knowledge and skills to ensure young people aged 18-24 years old to access economic opportunities, i.e. getting a job or starting a business.

4. Cultural Revitalization: is an effort to improve the community's capacity through "3 Tungku" function activation (government, religious leaders, and customary figure) to restore good customary agreements in the past, reviewing the burdensom customary rules and establishing new and better customary agreement for children's wellbeing.

Let us move together to make a better life for communities and for all children, life in all its fullness. 


Contact Person: 

Masrawati Sinaga (International Resources Acquisition Management Manager) 

email: [email protected]