30 Hours Famine

There is one out of nine people who don’t get enough food. Many poor farmers couldn’t plant enough food material to feed their own family, even more so to sell their crop yields for their other needs.

World Bank predicted that as the impact of climate change increases, it will add 100 million people in extreme poverty in 2030.


In Indonesia, based on the result of Riset Kesehatan Dasar (Riskesdas) Ministry of Health in 2018 showed that 17,7% of babies under the age of 5 (toddler) were still having nutritional problems. The number consists of toddlers who are having severe malnutrition by 3,9% and a toddler who is having malnutrition by 13,8%. 


In some areas assisted by Wahana Visi Indonesia. One of the challenges found in malnutrition issues is the lack of knowledge to produce healthy food. People especially mothers need some training and also mentoring to produce baby food and how to make use of the ingredients around them to make healthy food. Baby and children also need good quality feeding. With these conditions, they need help from all of us. Would you want to help them?

Let’s join with Wahana Visi Indonesia through the Famine program. Invite your friends, teacher, and your school to make changes for children and people in a remote area in Indonesia. For 30 days, you can fast and do donations to help them. Then, let’s experience “hunger” they experience by doing this activity together and fast for 30 hours.