Celengan Kasih

If you look at children and the community who are assisted by Wahana Visi Indonesia, it requires some efforts to accomplish their dream. Many children haven’t been able to feel life as it should be. The lack of facility to learn, difficulty finding books with good quality, low literacy rate, and so on are still often found in the service area of Wahana Visi Indonesia.

The special part is, fellow children can help to overcome this issue. For years Wahana Visi Indonesia held a program called Celengan Kasih. With this program, every student participating could set aside their pocket money and save it for Celengan Kasih which provided by Wahana Visi Indonesia. All the donations will be given to support the facility which will be needed by the children and the community.

Apart from helping children who need help, this program is good for children to practice their concerns at a young age. Students are taught to be selfless and willing to share with those who are less fortunate.

If your school or your child wants to join this program, register through PIC down below.

Sumatera, DKI Jakarta, Jawa Barat & Jawa Tengah
Rebeka Tumakaka, Public & Private Partnership
no telepon/wa: +62 8129542615
Indonesia Timur
Gabriella Yuniton, Public & Private Partnership 
no telepon/wa: +628997774877

John David Situmeang, Public & Private Partnership
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