Agree to Saving

Agree to Saving

Saving is one way in financial management that aims to prepare reserve funds in the future. Savings also play a role in ensuring your financial stability if something unexpected happens in the future. Indirectly, saving can help us know about priorities in finance.

The mothers in Dorolamo Village, East Halmahera Regency fill their spare time with useful activities, such as forming a saving group called Bhineka Menabung. The group of eight consists of posyandu and poswindu cadres.

The idea of ​​saving emerged after the cadres received saving socialization from the East Halmahera Area Program of Wahana Visi Indonesia in September 2021. Since then, they have agreed to form a savings group in early October 2021.

"We run the group first as much as what is available and who wants to join, and we hope can use the money for Ied Fitri. Also, it can be used for the needs of school children," said Gustiani, a member of Bhinneka Savings.

The Bhineka Savings group is unique because every rule is made and agreed upon together. The hope is that all members can have the habit of saving and helping other members (if they need a loan for business capital with low interest). At the end of the annual cycle, the members will receive a share of the remaining operating results and the remaining loan proceeds.

Previously, the members of Bhineka Menabung had saved with the 'arisan' system, which was drawn every month in installments of Rp. 300,000, unfortunately, the activity did not go so well, because members of the arisan group were sometimes late in paying their installments. Especially when there are group members who are lazy to pay installments after getting the lottery money.

“The total initial savings amount is IDR 500,000 and this is a good start to encourage people to learn discipline in saving. We hope that these savings can be used for the best interests of children,” said Eko Krismanto, a development facilitator of Wahana Visi Indonesia.

Savings activities also encourage mothers to set aside their income for savings instead of leaving income for savings. WVI will also continue to assist with the socialization of household management so that mothers can apply priorities in managing family finances.

Written by: K Eko Krismanto, Development Facilitator Area Program East Halmahera Wahana Visi Indonesia



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