Cultivating the Seeds of the Future

Cultivating the Seeds of the Future

Since he was still in grade 2 of high school, Andi, Rimaldo's nickname, became interested in pursuing his interest and talent in playing volleyball. Andi also immediately joined the core players of the volleyball club team in his area with his friends. Andi is also get supported by his parents and teachers at his school. 

Andi himself has been a representative of WVI children since he was in elementary school. Andi is very active in participating in regular meetings and children's groups in the village with WVI. His love for volleyball is also supported by WVI.

Through WVI for the support of donors and sponsors, Andi and his friends can easily play volleyball. WVI provides volleyball and nets, to help Andi and his friends practice and play volleyball after school. Unmitigated, Andi, who has been in the volleyball club for a long time, has also won 4th place in South Central Timor. 

According to the coach who accompanied Andi and his friends at the volleyball club, Andi was one of the top seeds at the club. Even though Andi is busy with volleyball club activities, children's forums, and helping parents at home, he is consistent and able to divide his time so that all activities can be followed optimally. 

Andi admitted that previously he felt he had no talent in sports until he was given volleyball and started practicing and playing with friends in the village where he lives. Gradually Andi also chose volleyball as an extracurricular activity that he was interested in at school so that he could participate in competing at the district level.

Written by: Staff of TTS Area Program, Wahana Visi Indonesia

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